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Introduction to Holistic Health and Therapy



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Introduction to Holistic Health and Therapy

July 14, 2018



It is an honor to have you here and I hope we can give you some insight on the path to Holistic Health and Therapy


As Holistic practitioners, it is our approach that the person is a whole, and as such should be treated as a whole. We work with you to focus not on how an illness ails you, but where this illness stems from. We do this by emphasizing the connection between three main concepts; the Body, the Mind and the Soul. Thoroughly looking in to the interactions which you have with your environment, helps us design a journey to work towards healing.


It is important to recognize that you are more than you appear on the outside, just as the world and the universe are more than they appear.


Let’s take a walk through a garden together. At first, we experience the very surface of all the beautiful flowers, each one a bright and pleasant color. We wouldn’t want to stop just here, this is just one of our senses. As we meander on through we start to smell the pleasant fragrances, we hear the warm summer breeze rustling through leaves, and we feel the caress of a bumble bees legs which sparks a hint of the taste of honey in our mouths. Meanwhile all this is helping encompass a sixth sense in us. A sense of peace and calmness. You feel a unity within yourself and with the earth, at this very moment in time. It is in this unity that you realize there is so much more than just the surface, there is a reliance and partnership in everything.


The Body. The Mind. The Soul.


It is this wholeness that is the backbone for Holistic Therapy. Creating a state of complete and harmonious unity. In the simplest terms we can look at this unity being a trinity. Each of the following being an essential piece which we cannot function properly without.


The body is the first piece, the one we tend to primarily focus on. We feel that with a good diet and exercise we can achieve a healthy lifestyle. Incorporating positive choices such as eating Keto or using the Elimination diet, which we will discuss in later posts, can drastically change our bodies for the better. And with the addition of a regular exercise routine, you will definitely start feeling pretty swell.


However you may find you are still burdened with stress, depression, or anxiety despite being good to your body. This is where your mind comes in to play. The second piece of the trinity. In Holistic Therapy, healing your mind is such an important key factor, yet sadly it is missed in everyday life. While helping you dive deep into your history and memories, the Holistic approach can find the root of what ails you. With this insight, you are able to get a in-depth and customized analysis of why you are sick, which in turn sparks the process of true in-depth healing.


Lastly, we have the Spirit or Soul completing our trinity. Just as your Body and Mind, your Spirit requires love and attention. This can come from a multitude of different ways such as Meditation, Music, or Reiki. Taking some time out of your day to just relax can make all the difference in the world.  


With the incorporation of all three, Holistic Therapy empowers and teaches you the necessary skills to become whole. This invigorating and healing process will not only benefit your health and well-being, but also the prosperity of the world.  


When we look back at the garden we see individual beings working together. The soil feeds the flowers, the flowers feed the bees, and the bees pollinate and fertilize plants which grow food. This continues on throughout everything in life. We all work symbiotically, we are a whole.  


The importance of Holistic Therapy in a nutshell.


How often have you just stopped? Taken a deep breath in and did absolutely nothing? Probably not that often if you are like the rest of us. Wouldn’t it be nice to just press the reset button sometimes? Just stop and enjoy? Just be and day dream?


This is what Holistic Therapy can do for you. It will heal you, in your own way and at your own pace. It gives you that hour out of your week to be at your most present. Because of the encompassment of the Body, Mind and Soul, you will feel you’ve received everything you could need to continue on your journey of growth. It is a not a quick fix, or a miracle drug. It is a full transformation of you to become the best version of yourself.


You will find that with each passing day, you become more empowered experiencing this balanced mindset. You will learn how to make changes in the areas of your life to promote positive health and growth, no matter what may come your way.


You will be able to not only reach, but also obtain, the goal of being your highest self, feeling fully balanced and entirely alive. You can become the highest version of your Whole Self.


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