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Learn How to Free Yourself from Anxieties



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Learn How to Free Yourself from Anxieties

August 3, 2018

Suffering from anxiety is one of the most difficult obstacles that life presents to us. Whether it is you or someone you love, the hardships of this mental illness can feel at times, as though it is overpowering every aspect of your life.


Anxiety can appear in a variety of different ways, but the avenue in which you take to accomplishing a healthy well-being is the same for any of them. Some of the symptoms you feel within your body with Generalized Anxiety Disorder include tension within your muscles, restlessness, difficulty breathing, feeling edgy and/or irritable, sweating, headaches, trembling, tiredness, nausea and panic attacks. Some of the psychological symptoms you can experience, which can quite often be more severe than the physical symptom, include overthinking, worrying, stress, viewing problems as grandiose, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, depression, and oversleeping.


However, we have found some holistic approaches you can take to overcome this feeling of helplessness and find some much-needed relief. By establishing a connection between your mind, body, and soul, in combination with those around you, you truly can find the right path to healing and wellness.  


The journey to freeing yourself from anxieties may feel impossible right now, but rest assured, these small steps ensure that you're feeling the freedom within that you deserve.


Below are a few holistic steps to help you prosper in your journey to your happiness and overall well-being.


Recognition and Acceptance


It is so easy in this day and age to trick ourselves into believing that there is nothing wrong. We are brought up to act tough and move through life without letting things phase us. However, this is a skewed way of thinking and in fact, in many circumstances it has the exact opposite effect and amplify your feelings. Leading to an anxiety that has brought you to a level so low, that you feel you can not escape from it.


The first step you want to take is to recognize that you have anxiety and tell yourself it is okay!


It is quite often said that once something is acknowledged, you are able to move towards a positive way of coping and healing. This is why recognition and acceptance are the primary key step in moving towards your ultimate goal.


Start by making a list of your worries and fears. This will allow you to address each fear one by one nonjudgmentally and with an open heart.





Meditation is such an important and key element that we use over and over again in Holistic Therapy. Becoming present, feeling what your body is sharing with you, and knowing how your body feels in the present moment is a special kind of symbiotic relationship which can bring you to experience a whole new level of calm and awareness.  


This can seem difficult at first, however, try and remember that your body is always living in the present moment, it doesn’t worry about the future of the past. When you stray from the now you are projecting unnecessary fears, especially with ‘what if’s’. If time allows, situate yourself in a quiet area and put on one of these amazing meditations. This will allow you to get back to the now and focus on the things you need to focus on.


If you only have a few minutes try this:


  • Take a big deep breath in for a count of 5 seconds, hold it for 3 seconds, and release for 5 seconds.

  • Take a moment to look around you and name all the unchanging things you can see. This will allow your brain to focus. For example, you know you know the weather outside, you know your car is a certain color, and you know that you are right-handed. They may appear menial at first, but these immovable facts will help ground you.

  • Try and name 1 item for each sense.

    • Sight: The Car

    • Sound: The engine

    • Smell: The air freshener

    • Touch: The leather seats are warm

    • Taste: Can you remember the last taste of what you ate?




Exercise has an incredible ability to burn away stress chemical and produce mood-boosting ones like endorphins. Even if you only have 10 minutes a day, try and get on the literal path in nature to help with your metaphysical path to freedom.


Seek Help


You are never alone. You have an amazing support network all around you, you just have to find the courage to reach out to them. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is incredibly difficult, but you will find that by revealing your true self, and being as honest as possible, you will acceptance,comfort and love as well.


Start by talking to your friends and family. Schedule in once a week to chat with your Holistic Therapist and keep in touch regularly with your doctor. Everyone is rooting for you to succeed and they all want to help you along the way.


Personal Well-Being


Try and eat a healthy diet and get 8-10 hours of sleep a day. This will help you be fit in body, and soul, which will allow your mind to flourish.




Every mistake is a learning opportunity, remember to accept, recognize, honor and love yourself for every decision you make.


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