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Top Yoga Moves For Relaxation



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Top Yoga Moves For Relaxation

August 31, 2018

Yoga is one of the main holistic activities you can easily do daily anywhere in life. When you want to quiet down all the chitter chatter that goes on in your mind and let all those tensions and worries out of your muscles, yoga is your number one go to. It accomplishes this by allowing you to slow everything down, ground yourself and be at ease.


When you practice Yang yoga as often as you can, you are providing your body with a physical and mental balance which enables you to prevent any anxieties or daily stresses to penetrate our everyday life. With Yang, you are holding your poses for longer, allowing for an extra deep relaxation.


Some of the major benefits seen when practicing restorative yoga are the ability to fully and deeply stretch your muscles increasing your flexibility and strength. You will also be boosting your immune system, balancing your nervous system, and speeding up the recovery of illness and emotional pain.


Top 5 Relaxation Yoga Poses


Balasana - Child's Pose


Child’s Pose is exactly what you need after a long, exhausting day. When your body just wants to curl up into a comfy fetal position ball, try this move instead.


Not only is this a resting pose which you can hold for several minutes, it also hides a gentle stretch allowing for better posture by releasing your hips, stretching your thighs, and relaxing your shoulders.


Child’s Pose will relieve the pain you feel in your back and neck, while simultaneously supporting the calmness in your brain.


Marjaryasana and Bitilasana - Cat and Cow Pose


The Cat and Cow Poses are commonly used as a warm-up for most yoga sessions, however in a Yang session using this pose will allow for the lengthening and increase in flexibility to your spine. When you move with this position you are also massaging and stimulating the abdominal organs. Such as your lungs, allowing for a deep relaxing breathing.


Not to mention, it also helps develop postural awareness and improve your balance.



Supta Matsyendrasana - Supine Twist


A personal favorite of this writer, the supine twist has so many amazing benefits. Some of these include stretching and massaging of your back muscles, glutes, hips, and abdominal organs and muscles. As well as lengthening, realigning, hydrating and relaxing of all elements that make up your spine.


This move alone is known to remove toxins, encourage blood flow, and increase the function of your entire digestive system.


Viparita Karani - Legs up the Wall Pose


This is one of those wonderful poses where you tap into your inner child and let gravity do all the work for you.


Laying with your legs up like this will alleviate anxiety, headaches, insomnia, depression, muscle fatigue, relieve lower back pain, soothe menstrual cramps, help menopause, and overall increase your energy.


The list goes on to include the following items as well:


Ease the pains of arthritis

Aid digestive problems

Control low and high blood pressure

Aid with respiratory ailments

Relieve urinary disorders

Promote the prevention of varicose veins


It also helps the systems of the entire body:


Strengthen the immune system

Regulate the respiratory system

Balance the hormonal system

Calm the nervous system

Stabilize the digestive and elimination systems


It has even been suggested by many Yogi’s that this pose will also help with fertilization and increase the chances of becoming pregnant.


Supta Baddha Konasana - Reclined Bound Angle Pose


We keep all our emotions in our hips, which is where this pose will provide you with some much needed emotional and physical relief. With the reclined bound angle pose you will find beneficial release in your lower back, hips, and chest, and an increase in blood flow and circulation.




Savasana - Corpse Pose


Who doesn’t love a good Corpse Pose? No matter what, you should do this pose at the end of every day. Allowing yourself to lay still and be completely grounded will calm the mind, relax the body, lower your blood pressure and get you ready for another day. This pose will aid with headaches, insomnia, and fatigue.


This is THE pose to give yourself as a daily gift. Use this time to be kind to yourself so you can face the world head on and pay that kindness forward tomorrow.



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