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A Beginner Guide For Reiki



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A Beginner Guide For Reiki

October 15, 2018

We have been hearing lots and lots about Reiki, especially in the last few years with holistic practices gaining more traction. And since there is so much to it that we thought we would put together a little beginners guide for everyone to get some of the simple information about Reiki out there.

What is Reiki?


Reiki is a practice in which it’s practitioners use a technique called palm or hands-on healing through which energy transfers through the palms to the patient in order to encourage emotional or physical healing by clearing blockages. It is a procedure which helps a person enter a state of self healing and relaxation.


To begin with, Reiki therapy is a form of holistic alternative healing that first started in Japan, by a Buddhist named Mikao Usui in 1922. It is not only a way of relaxing and reducing stress, but it also promotes healing from within oneself.


Reiki is a combination of mantras and blessings which promote the clearing of energy in the body. With the increasing flow of life force energy you are able to clear the mental and emotional pollutants that interfere with life force energy and cause problems, in turn healing yourself.


As with any holistic form of therapy, we want our life force to flow unrestricted from our bodies, and Reiki helps us accomplish this.


Keep in mind that the practice of Reiki goes beyond its healing capabilities. It is actually a philosophy in whole, encouraging the act of living in harmony with your body, soul, mind, the earth, and others around you. It is about making a decision and commitment to improving oneself.


Where does Reiki come from?


As aforementioned, Reike was established in Japan, and much like it’s country of origin, Reiki is a very in depth, complicated, yet the simple beautiful thing. Reiki is the combination of the two words Rei and Ki, meaning higher power, and life force energy respectively. Meaning, “spiritually guided life force energy”, cumulatively.


During your Reiki session, you may even feel a warm glow or radiance, If you’re very attuned to your body and the energy flowing through it.


How does Reiki work?


Reiki is a safe holistic method of spiritual energy healing. It is such a wonderful complement to western medical treatments because it has no side effects and promotes a happy, positive mindset which is essential to start any healing journey.


When going into a Reiki session, mindset is critical. A lot of time there are pollutants within us that interfere with life force energy. These are emotions like anger, jealousy, feelings of unworthiness, depression, guilt, insecurity or resentment. Understanding of yourself and these feelings will allow for the healing of your mind, body, and soul, during your Reiki session.


Reiki stimulates the energies and life force to move in the body to ensure anything blocked and not flowing is corrected to work smoothly. You may find at first, After your session for a time, your physical and psychological symptoms may worsen as the cleanses is taking place. So make sure to take the rest of the day to yourself, to allow for proper healing. Don’t worry, this is normal and expected. It is important to note that Reiki does not direct or manipulate your life force energy. It just promotes cleaning and unblocking.


Who can become a Reiki Specialist?


If you find yourself becoming interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, do not worry! Anyone can do it! Just keep in mind that Reiki isn’t something you can just read in a book and do. You will want to find yourself a reputable Reiki teacher, as you will want to undergo an attunement and have the teacher transmit the mindset and skills to become a Reiki master.

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